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Being in the tropics, Belize does have its share of biting insects but the lodge is relatively free of many of these nuisances for much of the year because we manage the landscape and keep them away from buildings. We have no sand flies. We suggest that you bring an insect repellent containing DEET. You may find you don’t need it but it’s wise to be prepared. You are likely to encounter mosquitoes walking through areas of high shaded forest. Malaria does exist in Belize, as it does in most tropical countries, though the number of annual cases is relatively low. You should take the advice of your national government, doctor or travel clinic on suitable precautions and vaccinations. Bring a good high factor sunscreen (at least Factor 30) and a sun hat. If there are certain medications or toiletries which you are likely to want during your visit, please bring a supply to last until your arrival home.
• Winter in southern Belize (November-February) means that night time temperatures may drop to around 57° F/14° Celsius when the extra blankets provided in your rooms are likely to be welcome. A light sweater and a long sleeved shirt are all that is needed for extra warmth in the evenings. Day time temperatures may range from 70°-85° (21°-29° C). This is definitely the best time to visit for anyone who with a low tolerance of high temperatures and humidity. Rainfall may vary greatly from to year to year but there will be less rain than at the height of the rainy season. • Dry Season: Our dry season is less regular than in the past but usually extends from the beginning of March through to early June. Temperatures may exceed 100°F/38°C and night time temperatures may not drop below 85°F/29°C. There is greater night time, day time temperature variation inland than on the coast. • Rainy Season: Our rainy season normally begins in late May or early June and the three wettest months in the past ten years have been June, July and August. During this time most of our rain falls in storms at night and need not affect your day time activities. • September through November: These months may include a mix of wet and dry weather. In general the rain is dying away during this time and can be very pleasant with many bright sunny fall days and moderate temperatures
• Footwear: For inland day tours, where you may do some hiking, we recommend wearing either hiking shoes or trainers (sneakers). Either will work as long as they have good tread and can get wet without being ruined. River sandals, like Tevas, are perfect for kayaking, tubing or walking on trails during the dry season. ‘Flip flops’ and other slip on shoes are fine around the Lodge and at the beach. • Light weight clothing is best in the tropics. One pair of long trousers for tours will be useful. Also a long-sleeved shirt for inland tours or sea trips (when you have had enough sun and need to cover up). Otherwise, shorts and T-shirts are fine. You are likely to change shirts more frequently in the tropics, so bring plenty of light-weight tops. Rain gear is not particularly useful since it will make you sweat. The rain is delightfully warm most of the time. If you are visiting during our brief ‘winter’ then bring a sweatshirt or light jacket. • Electricity: Belize runs on 110v at 60Hz which is exactly the same as in the United States. Power outlets accept two flat pins and a round earth pin. There are ample double power outlets in your rooms for running or re-charging equipment. The lodge offers free wifi in and around the lodge itself but the signal does not extend as far as guest accommodation. Hairdryers are available upon request. • Water: The Lodge produces its own drinking water using Culligan water purification equipment which puts the water through three types of filter and a reverse osmosis system. This is provided free of charge to guests. Water from the taps in the bathroom goes through the three filters but not reverse osmosis
The Belize dollar is pegged to the US dollar at a rate of US$1 = BZ$2 US dollar bank notes, but not coinage, can be used freely throughout Belize. You may even receive change in a combination of Belize and US dollars. The lodge accepts Visa and MasterCard. If you are arriving from the United States you should inform your card company of your travel plans before departure. Many companies will routinely refuse card payments from Central America as “fraudulent use” unless they have received advance notice of travel. American Express is accepted in very few locations. There are two ATMs in Punta Gorda at the Belize Bank and Scotia Bank from which money may be withdrawn with either a debit or credit card. Tips and Gratuities Service charge is included in this package on accommodation and meals. Guide gratuities are not included in this. If you have a guide and driver and want to recognize both, then you may consider offering the driver a third to a half of the guide’s gratuity. These are guidelines only.