The Lodge is covered by a high thatched ceiling and accommodates a full service restaurant and bar. Lodge meals offer a range of local and international dishes, with vegetarian, vegan, kashrut and children’s alternatives.

Local dishes include the Belizean national dish, stewed chicken with recado spice, coconut rice, stewed beans and fried plantain. The Lodge is incorporating local vegetables more and more into its menu. These include okra, breadfruit, calaloo (amaranth, a vegetable with similar properties to spinach and cooked in similar ways), plantain, pumpkin, yam, chocho and the heart of the cohune palm which is used to make cohune cabbage a curry made from the palm.

International dishes include a number of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes including Lebanese mezzeh dishes such as baba ghanoush, hummus and tabbouleh.

Fish comes fresh from the market in Punta Gorda.

The Lodge makes its own bread, cinnamon rolls, yogurt, ice cream and freshly baked cakes and desserts.

The lodge is always willing to share recipes that guests may want to take with them and try at home.

Our well stocked bar offers a wide selection of cocktails, fruit and soft drinks as well as beer and wine. From the main verandah, you can enjoy beautiful sunsets while sipping an ice cold drink.