The Battle of the Drums

The centerpiece of the weekend is Saturday evening’s Battle of the Drums held in the Punta Gorda sports complex across from the airstrip. There are seven participating drumming groups. They come from the coastal Garifuna communities in Belize from Punta Gorda north to Dangriga and there is one group each from Honduras and Guatemala.
The weekend kicks off on Friday with an evening of Garifuna food and music at a venue in Punta Gorda town. Wednesday 19 November is a national holiday celebrating Garifuna Settlement Day. It includes a dawn re-enactment of the arrival by dug out of the first Garifuna in Belize.

The Chocolate Festival of Belize

Come and enjoy this three day weekend festival and experience the rich variety of cultures. The opening gala night on Friday features samples of chocolate from all the local Belizean chocolate makers.  Saturday’s fair on Front Street in Punta Gorda presents the Mayan, Garifuna, Creole, Mestizo and East Indian cultures who display their food, crafts and music. The Sunday finale at Lubaantun Mayan site in central Toledo includes a full day program of events including Mayan dance, music and cuisine and of course more chocolate.
A fabulous cultural immersion experience. Contact the lodge to ask about packages that include entrance to all events.

Chocolate Festival images Copyright 2014 Demian Solano/Belize Travel Magazine