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The rhythm of change at the Lodge is set around interwoven themes. Part of this is the flowering and fruiting of trees, vines and orchids superimposed on the background of seasonal climate changes. That is cool drier weather from November through February, followed quickly by the heat of the dry season from March through May, relieved by the afternoon trade winds, giving way to tropical storms at night as the rainy season begins in June and continues sporadically until the end of October.


Nesting birds are another thread of the rhythm. From the beginning of February Gray Hawks pair off and nest in the tambran tree on the riverbank in front of the Lodge. They are joined in the same tree six or eight weeks later by the Bare-throated Tiger Herons which in 2004 brought up two young with the two eggs laid several weeks apart. Both survived, not finally leaving the nest until heavy rains in June forced them out of the tree and onto the ground where they stalked through the orchard and meadows for the next few weeks in search of easy prey. We had ten weeks or more to observe their development and gained great pleasure from the parents' success.

In 2005 a pair of Yellow-bellied Elaenias built a nest in a mayflower tree a few feet from the step up[ to the Lodge veranda. The successfully brought up two clutches of two eggs each between May and July and after a short break of a couple of weeks decided to use the same nest for the third time in August.

A juvenile Black and White Owl now patrols the meadows and forest edge close to the Lodge and can be observed perching on high bare branches close to the lodge as it surveys for prey at night

In late July or early August the Hooded Warbler and Black and White Warbler are back almost before you had noticed their absence. These so-called winter visitors actually only take and eight- to ten-week extended summer vacation in North America (taking time out to nest, of course) before returning home to the Lodge for the rest of the year.

Yellow-Bellied Elaenias

Throughout the rest of August until the beginning of October the other 240 odd winter visitors drift home while others like the Blackburnian and Blue-Winged Warbler pass through the Lodge on their way to the south.

The Lodge teems with bird life in the early mornings throughout the year and there is activity in the orchard throughout most of the day.

The Lodge offers discounted packages for birding groups from September 1 through December 15. Take this amazing opportunity to visit your breeding birds in their winter quarters.


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